QB Commit Brogan Roback talks Expectations

QB Commit Brogan Roback talks Expectations

Toledo St. Johns Jesuit four-star quarterback Brogan Roback talks for the first time since his commitment to the Eagles this summer. Roback breaks down his senior season, his intangibles as a quarterback, if other schools are still recruiting him, his expectations as freshman and more.

Toledo St. Johns Jesuit four-star quarterback Brogan Roback talks about his commitment with ScoutEasternMichigan.com managing editor Josh Newkirk.

Josh Newkirk: I know you have been committed to Eastern Michigan since July. Let's talk about your senior season individually. How did it go for you?

Brogan Roback: "Individually I thought I had a pretty solid year. It was probably one of my better seasons, this and my sophomore year…I feel I did a lot things this year that I didn't do in the past. I grew as a quarterback more and more. I think I became more complete this year, which is good. Obviously as a team, the expectations were a little higher then where we ended up at. Individually it was a pretty good year for me."

Josh Newkirk: What do you think you bring as a quarterback? I know you can spin the ball pretty good and are known for your strong arm. So what are the intangibles you bring as a quarterback on the field?

Brogan Roback: "I am very competitive. I think that is one thing that I bring out. I think I bring that out in a lot of other people on my team. I think I bring a competitive nature in everybody. You know the will to compete. I'm just being a leader. I think my pocket presence has increased this year. My arm strength is one thing I've always had. Just now being able to extend the play with my feet and being able to make things happen from there, is another aspect of my game I picked up this year."

Josh Newkirk: I know you had four offers form MAC schools when you committed to EMU. You also were getting interest from Big Ten schools. Has there been any other teams pursuing your service's since your commitment?

Brogan Roback: "I know once the whole thing went down with Penn State and they were worried about Chris Hackenberg leaving. They kind of reached out and said if something happens, ‘you're on our radar.' But really, just not paying attention to it at all. I committed for a reason. I've been looking forward to Eastern since the day I committed. I am excited to be part of that program soon. Hopefully I can go in there and help make a change to the team and be an impact as soon as I can. Just get up there and work with coach (Ron)English and coach (Ken) Karcher and all of them."

Josh Newkirk: What are your thoughts on the current state of the program? Obviously, they had a big turnaround season last year. They won six games. This year they have been struggling. What has been your overall perspective on this season?

Brogan Roback: "Obviously the season is not going the way they want it to go. I can relate to that, especially the way my teams season went. I think they're fine, they're in there every single game. They're a few players away. And it's good to see that they start the most freshman in the country. They are in the top-five for starting the most freshman. So they're young, which is good. And they play together and still play for each other. When I went up there to watch them play. When they went against Army, you could tell they're still battling. They still want to win. They want to compete. Which is all you can ask for. I think they want to finish the year strong, which is good. Because they are not going to be giving up. Nobody is looking to the next season. I think they are still being competitive, which is good."

Josh Newkirk: Now, do you have any more planned visits up to Ypsilanti?

Brogan Roback: "Not yet, I probably will set my official visit pretty soon. I'm not sure. I might try to go see another game before the season is up. I got to see who they got coming up and what my schedule is and getting home and stuff like that."

Josh Newkirk: Your enrolling next fall. So do you have the mindset that you're going to compete for the starting job as a freshman?

Brogan Roback: "Yeah definitely, I think that's the mindset that everyone needs to have coming in. Especially in my class, that's one thing when I committed, that's one thing I wanted to do. If they're not having a good season. I want to be a impact player. I want to help this team and others around me and make them better, and I want them to make me better. I don't want anybody else there that doesn't want to compete. I think that's part of my nature. I think it's probably going to increase when I get up there. I want to play as soon as I can. I am definitely going to be working my butt off and fighting as hard as I can to get that starting job."

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